mbrenneman0 wrote a review about Hollywood Casino in Grantville, PA

Awful staff

This was my first visit to Hollywood Penn National, and I dont think I'll be back. Staff wasnt very friendly and didn't seem to care about the game. It took about 2 hours after I sat down before a server came around to offer drinks.

They used large faced cards, which i personally dont like, you have to almost pick the whole hand up off the table in order to read the suits... not a fan, although i could see the merit since it has an older player base.

The rulings on hands were questionable. At showdown, one player tabled KJ on a AQJ9x board and declared a straight, the other player mucked his hand. the rest of the table realized it wasnt a straight and corrected the dealer after the dealer announced the straight. The other player recieved his hand from the muck and showed AJ and the dealer almost gave him the pot but we had to remind the dealer the hand was dead.

When I topped off my stack for 200, the dealer short-changed me by $5

Competition was fairly soft, a couple of decent players at the table but there is softer competition at other casinos.

I didn't ask about promos, but from what i could see posted up, seemed like the standard bad beat jackpot and high hands kind of stuff.

Some players remarked that the cocktails were no good, I just drink water though so I couldnt tell you myself. I didnt try the food, but it looked like they had a lot of options. The rest of the casino seemed very nice but the cardroom was a bit of an afterthought.

Overall the staff seemed very short and snappy and didnt seem to show any interest in insuring players had a good time. It kind of gave me the impression that they had an attitude of "we're the only casino around, so deal with it and give us your money" No thanks!

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Food and Drink

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no poker

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