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Durney33 wrote a review about Hollywood Casino in Kansas City, KS

You dont play there 4 nights a week dont go!

Well my Fiance and I decided on Tuesday July 3rd to spend our RARE night off together to have some fun,drinks and food at HWKC casino. We arent by any means regulars anywhere but have been to your casino , Harrah’s and Ameristar and have had a good time normally. Even to the point that now I actually have made my way to your St. Louis( Maryland Hts) location and played a bunch and will make my way back! So that is why last night was SO disappointing. Before I get to the negative I want to start with tghe fact that turn 2 again last night was a PLEASURE! They always do a great job and are by far your best employees! And thats where the end of our fun experience ends!

Ill start with your bartender that began the night at your Boulevard bar and then to your main bar! He was a young guy( Sorry didnt see his name) taller and very condisending! At 1st bar I just asked what was the better deal on Draft or Aluminum Pints from Coors Light? As a 13 year vet in the service industry I always do this to test how fun/good the server/tender is! Well this young man came back with the response of well if your gonna drink cheap does it really matter? I looked at him confused and made an order and then left right away upset but trying to chalk it up to busy night or maybe a bad night? Unfortanetly became a theme of the night!

Next I went to the poker room to play in the nightly tourney while she played cash. We have played all over the country in poker rooms large and small and the last 2 times here had a great time. But this night we were VERY dissapointed. My table was the one that started with the shuffeler broken and what I assumed to be the pit boss as our dealer. I was a little disconcerned at the way he treated his employees at the begining but chalked that up to him being stressed about tourneys late start. Then as he dealt his rude behavior continued. I was one of 3 or 4 non regulars at the table and belive you me if you werent a regular he was LESS than polite to you even so far as to go and let me know a bet 3 times while I was thinking and when I asked next time to announce it once for me and I will be fine and his response was let me do my job sir! I have played in over 100 poker rooms through out the country and this was the 1st time EVER having a pit boss behave like that. The next 3 dealers seemed to be lost and had to be reminded of blinds raising, if someone didnt raise correctly etc. I would expect some more professionalism is all.

Then to top the night off I went to the only open bar again to get 1 more beer and my favorite bartender was there and when I ordered a beer he went and filled 3 other orders and then came back and asked hey what did you order ? I said I asked for my beer 5 minutes ago and you acknowledged me and then went to your other customers? His reply was well there sitting here all night and they get first service. I declined my order and moved on!

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