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worst floor

Bogus rulings to protect regs from terrible unsporting behavior. In 20 years of casino poker this was the worst... Read More

I'm the token liberal

Hey... don't be dissing DCR. Yeah, MAGA hats abound. Grow thicker skin. Stand up and defend liberalism. I do. In... Read More

yeah, this is Ray

Wrapping up another year playing at downstream. Thank you everyone for making my poker dreams come true. Your... Read More

best poker room

I'm a regular. Been to many other rooms. Downstream has the best dealers in the Midwest. Best management team. ... Read More

trying out the poker room

5 years ago, I tried it. Very nice room but very small cash player population. Could not become a regular because... Read More

high hand poker player

I play here twice a month for high hand promotions. Poker room management and dealers are very customer oriented. ... Read More

ray d - gold star player

Great poker room. Wonderful staff. Professionally run. The dealers are customer oriented. The casino provides... Read More