Cherokee Casino West Siloam Springs

Poker Tables:
8 Tables
Minimum Age:
12:00pm - 5:00am
12:00pm - 5:00am
12:00pm - 5:00am
12:00pm - 5:00am
rackared wrote a review about Cherokee West Siloam in Colcord, OK

trying out the poker room

5 years ago, I tried it. Very nice room but very small cash player population. Could not become a regular because there just were not enough players.

Now I'm trying again. The room is offering a high hand promotion on Saturdays in September. This is very excellent.

The physical room is great, but don't expect a customer service attitude. A player won a high hand. He was not paid. Did not have a players card. I could not understand why they didn't let the player just go get a card. I saw this is as terrible anti-customer attitude. The dealer argued that the requirement is posted and explained. So what? It is an administrative detail. Serve the customers. Pay the man his money.

Let's talk about comp. Other poker rooms in the area automatically track hours played and accumulate comp on a players card. Not here. Comp is at the discretion of the floor. Hmmm... I'm not gonna beg for comp.

They are making it very hard for me to be a regular.

Went to the buffet. No veterans discount. Downstream casino offer 50% veterans discount. The remaining cost is covered by comp.

I'm struggling to find the attraction to become a regular.

Food service? Awful. Agonizingly slow. Delivered cold. Had to be paid in advance. To be fair, the room offers free snacks and water.

How can I become a regular? Where is the effort to serve customers?

Of course, none of this poor service is caused by the poker room management team. They are simply enforcing the rules laid down by the casino. I hope this promotion generates a larger cash game population. I hope continued high hand days become a regular event, like the high hand days of competing casinos. Without promotions like this, I cannot see a compelling reason to become a regular. I'm trying to give this poker room a second chance. I hope the casino responds with customer service improvements. I want to finish with a comment on the dealers. All but 1 are doing a good job. They are efficient and professional.

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