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mavieeni wrote a review about Hollywood Park in Inglewood, CA

can't put zero chips.. so I have to give one

the worse. the absolute worse. played all over the world, this room is the most unprofessional, unsafe, collusion filled, worse managed room. I've seen players throwing chips at dealers, floor people not giving penalties to the most tipping players, dealers with zero training (it's not their fault, they get paid nothing and on top they don't receive training) and so forth... they only bank on their good location (next to the airport) and the fact that the stadium will guarantee business. Most players are cocky, annoying and without deep pockets. Hard to make any money in such environment. Seems that most players play hands to give bad beats. Most common phrase "better lucky than good"... If you want to enjoy playing cards there are way better options in LA, Commerce and Gardens above everybody else. But if you end up there, stick earphones on and as soon as you're up enough, take off quick without even say goodbye, don't even bother trying to be a nice person, it won't be appreciated. If you're carrying a good chink of cash, also try to leave the neighborhood fast, preferrably going west.

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D_money wrote a review about Hollywood Park in Inglewood, CA


High tournament buy in. Look at lucky lady, gardens, and the bike and compare. Way higher buy in and the take a big... Read More