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sirus wrote a review about Hollywood Park in Inglewood, CA

"Hollywood Park" Casino or Money pit

Don't risk your money at this Casino knowing you may not get paid when you win. I won a hand in poker and the floor ruled in my favor and yet they let the man with the losing hand cash out and leave without paying.
What once was a place to enjoy playing poker and other card games is no longer an alternative casino compare to other casinos in greater Los Angeles such as Bike, Hustler and Commerce casino.
The newly rebuild casino is nice and attractive however players are paying for it for years to come. Food and drink prices are drastically increased to cover casino expenses incurred building the new casino.
Expect to pay $20 plus for a below average food, and $15 for a watered down mixed drink price. All that may not be much compare to the money you risk at the table, however compare to other casinos almost everything is priced 3-4 times higher. And some of their ethnicity foods are at best an insult to that community.
Just pray you don't run into a trouble expecting a responsive security that a Casino environment requires. Security is at best third class imitation cops. They are not there to protect you as a client, just defusing situation is good enough resolution for them. Almost got hit by another car and security who saw everything did not do a @#$% thing about it and let the Uber driver at fault just go. This is the 4 incident I have had in this casino. Twice my car was in serious accident in the valet parking that cost over $7,000 in repairs. GET THE IDEA WHAT TO EXPECT NOW?
As for the neighborhood where this casino is located you may get a better idea when you hear players created slogan:
Hollywood Park Casino
"If you don't lose inside you will get rubbed outside"
I played regularly at this casino for years and finally decided to stop going there as all the negatives outweighs the benefits. Going back after almost a year was defiantly a major mistake.

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