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RespectPokerPla wrote a review about Horseshoe Hammond in Hammond, IN

Worst Ran Room in the Galaxy

Let me first say, this could be one of the best poker rooms in the country. Located 5 miles from Chicago , high commerce, people coming in and out to play poker day-in- day-out. The amount of people coming in is not do to the endearment of the poker room staff, it's because it's the 3rd largest city in the US. The U S has the worlds top economy, which leads to lots of people coming into play poker.
The staff here is overwhelming incompetent. They can barely seat players. The dealers are mostly incompetent. The game moves entirely too slow do to the poor dealers and the dealers having to constantly check their chip well. This slows the game down ridiculously. The manager is a buffoon... He has no clue how to run a poker room. You could hire a homeless person from the city of Chicago, say Frank Ghalleger of Shameless and You would have the same quality of poker room. There's not enough space inbetween the tables people are constantly banging into each other. Well, you might say there's not enough space for 29 tables... well there is plenty of space available. The staff just has to use the space properly.
The staff only caters to the 10-20 players, the staff treats everyone else like dog crap. The dual rate staff treats players like second class citizens. Dual rates are rude and arrogant to the players. Good luck getting a table change, it may never happen. Don't call the floor over for a ruling because they don't know the rules. The staff does not know the rules to poker. Amazing.
Above all, the action in Hammond is amazing. It's all fish. If the games weren't so good here there would be like two-1-2 tables and that's it. But, there's plenty of fish to go around and if there's plenty of fish the local poker ecosystem is well.
As poker players, I believe we have to make stand somewhere.... I think we should just stiff all the dealers and brushes ( acception to the good dealers) then there will be change... it sounds harsh but its for the better. They'll get new staff. it's all we can do. Because if we poker players didn't play here, they would have no jobs. Then they would treat us poker players better. These poker staffs don't get it... we deserve better...

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