Horseshoe Indianapolis formerly Indiana Grand Casino

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20 Tables
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Hatchmon wrote a review about Horseshoe Indy in Shelbyville, IN

Floor is a major issue

Casino is nice, clean mostly, and fair amount of consistent tables running. I've been patient on this review to let them kind of find their way. The floor (or poker room manager) is BY FAR the worst I've seen in the ENTIRE country. Asian guy with glasses specifically is dragging the perception of this room down. All other reviews complaining about dealers are completely accurate. Starts with the fact that the floor is incompetent. Cannot keep tables full although plenty on list. They open new tables with 4 ppl on the list and ends up breaking while there is other tables around the room with 4+ combined seats open but force the 4 people to play together instead of filling tables (especially midday on a weekday like we're not expecting a sudden rush to where we can just keep opening tables. Take care of the ones already running. On top of that they call you for the new table, I'm top of the list an say nah I'll wait to sit at an active game already running and they say well we called you for new table you sit there or you're off the list. Just not smart. I've showed up multiple times and look around room seeing open seats but they don't call anyone for them. You tell them about it and floor typically says it's been called waiting on players. Yet board doesn't reflect that at all and no one shows up. 1000% the first month the players were running the room, seating themselves, solving dealer disputes, etc.

I've never played in a room where there's a table dispute and floor is called and I'm just thinking "what is this idiot gonna come up with"

I know this isn't most thorough but I can positively say out of all poker rooms in U.S and even the makeshift clubs in Texas, none are managed worse than these guys. They pulled random casino employees and made them managers of poker rooms with zero knowledge, experience or basic fundamentals of running and managing a poker room. It's very evident they have no experience you can tell without asking where they've been before.

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AWebb wrote a review about Horseshoe Indy in Shelbyville, IN

rake increase

The dealers here are excellent, although they just lost a really good one recently. My main issue with this room is... Read More