Hustler is a very well run casino. Hustler attracts plenty of actions players and management understands how to keep the action going without letting the games get really out of hand as can happen at HP and Commerce. They have a few props to get games started or keep them going late, but not so many as to kill off the action like HG.

Food is excellent. Free food for 8/16 LHE and certain other high stakes games or pay with generous comps. Comps can be turned into cash at 50% as well.

Same $7 ($6+1) rake as the rest of L.A.

Promotions and Comps
Food and Drink

Announcements from Hustler Casino

$650,000 in Guarantees at this year's Liz Flynt Fall Poker Classic 2019 from October 18th until November 3rd!

You Spoke! We Listened! Tournaments are back in our Crystal Room!!! Click Here for the full schedule.

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