Used to be a reg here due to convenience. As of late, the place stinks. We tried to get PLO started and no matter how long the list is, they refuse to start it if they think players in their 5/5 NLHE games will play it out of fear of breaking those games. Basically, since NLHE is faster with more hands per hour, they only want to run that game vs PLO because there are less hands per hour and thus less rake $$. I understand biz is biz but if people want to play a game, you should let them play. We even asked them "what does it take to get a PLO game started here?" And the response was "you can go to another casino." Pretty unprofessional...guess they go by the mantra "the Customer is always wrong".

Other cons to the place are you cannot run it twice, and the system of filling table seats is antiquated. When someone gets up, the dealers have to shout to the floor-man "seat open", which they rarely do. It's not uncommon for a seat to be open 5-10 minutes and for the players at the table or player waiting to tell them about the opening. This could all be resolved by having a computerized system where you swipe your card and the floor knows who's at the table.

If you want to play 5/5 NLHE or lower, this place is fine. If you want to play 5/10 NLHE or PLO, good luck! The moon and stars will all have to align to get a game started.

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