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dwsanders50 wrote a review about IP Casino Biloxi in Biloxi, MS

visiting players beware collusion

Zero is the better rating.. let the facts guide your decision to play or not play at this venue..

What happened. First time playing at this poker room..

I sat down at a $1-3 NLH that was just opening..
8 players mostly locals who knew each other..
The poker room pit supervisor was obviously friends with one because they chatted together 10min or more as the table was being seated.

This is a $100 min no max game. Players can put cash out of their pocket and put it on the table and use it like chips to call bets??

My issue. About 45 minutes of playing. I catch pocket Kings.. I raise Pre flop. Get 3 callers after flop queen high on board I raise all In.. >$190 it folds to one player to my right supervisors buddy!!. He calls with chips and cash..

What happened next?? I flipped my cards up because there was no more action.. supervisors buddy did not show his hand.. turn and river are run out my hand is now two pair Kings and Nines..

Supervisors buddy says good hand mucks his cards to the dealer face down.. Then he says wait I wasn't paying attention I made a straight.. everyone at table saw the card touch the deck on the table. Even the dealer initially said cards were mucked..

I said cards are dead if there a question to go to the video surveillance and review the hand..!! Players buddy- supervisor!! Is called over.. seconds before getting there the dealer repositions the cards away from the muck!! When the supervisor gets to table. The dealer tells his story. Leaving out some information.. I ask for a video review!! This is standard procedure for this type of situation!!
The supervisor refused to do a video review. Declaring the hand live without visual confirmation of the facts and awards the hand to the player who mucked his cards!! OVER $500 pot.. I got from the table and tried to talk to the supervisor one on one calmly. Only asking for a video review, and asking why he would refuse such a request? His response was I take the word of my dealer and I don't need check the video!!

At this point I left the poker room.. I will not play in that type of environment!! It is not the money it is the principal..

I went directly to the the Casino shift manager and filed a complaint and telling what happened and again asked for a video review.. i doubt anything positive will result in my complaint!!


I am not that desperate to be Robbed..

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