omahapro wrote a review about JC's 88 Social in Houston, TX

Door Fee and Horrible Customer Service

This Ckub should do away with the door fee like Rounders and other clubs have. They're making a ton of money on the tables. They're going to fold just like Prime did with the favoritism shown toward some players and disregarded to others. They have VIP for some players who doesn't have to pay door fees, however, that courtesy should be extended to all players. Many of your customers pass up other game rooms to come play at your spot and just because you're 'hot' at this moment doesn't mean you'll remain that way. I suggest you treat all players with the same courtesy before your club loses players and you're dependent on the few VIP players. Btw, the management here sucks. No floor person can ever make a decision about customer service, but they're quick to make a decision about activities on the table. And save your response to me, I know how you're not able to make any concessions for players, only the owner can. What's your purpose as part of the management team if you can't make executive decisions? Terrible terrible customer service

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Announcements from Johnny Chan's 88 Social

Johnny Chan's 88 Social closed in December 2021. The same property has reopened (on December 28, 2021) under new ownership as 101 Poker Club Richmond. Visit for information and live action at 101 Poker Richmond.

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