Jsvw17 wrote a review about JC's 88 Social in Houston, TX

Ridiculous ...

Saturday 09/19/2020
I visited this room for the first time ever to come check out the PLO mecca of Houston! I'm in the game for 1300 been playing from 10am it's now 4pm I'm about even for the day. This guy joins our table for an hour straight doesn't say a word. I caught in a big hand with a wrap slash royal flush draw and I bricked on the river. This guy leans over my shoulder looks at my hand as I face a river bet. After I folded continued to say you look frustrated. I then proceeded to say nah my I'm chill, you win and you lose. This guy continued to badger me how I played the hand and calling me an idiot. I then said man kindly your own business. Then the conversation took a 180 and he said wtf you going to do about it p***y! I then told the guy very calmly dude leave me alone. Then he got even more heated and continued to threaten me and told me let's go outside! I asked the dealer to please call the floor.
The main floor walked up to our table I pleaded my case this guy needs to go making threats cussing! The floor said this is your second warning sir and said next one your gone!
Two seconds later the guy said @#$% b***h let's go outside again! I turned looked at the floor said can you NOW rack this guy up! The floor walked away I said get me a rack, I'm leaving!
The floor asked me if I wanted to move tables . I then moved to another table! I told the floor I work in the industry as a floor at another high quality room and you made a bad decision. I then kept my mouth shut the rest of the day and left.

All in all, I was very impressed with the room and all the staff until it came to making the easiest professional decision from the floor. You dropped the ball 52. I will NEVER return to a room that lets people make active threats at the table in front of MAIN floor manager and doesn't get asked to leave. That is complete horse S**T.

My stars for the rest of the review I believe are accurate. Have a good day.

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Johnny Chan's 88 Social closed in December 2021. The same property has reopened (on December 28, 2021) under new ownership as 101 Poker Club Richmond. Visit https://www.pokeratlas.com/poker-room/101-poker-club-richmond-houston for information and live action at 101 Poker Richmond.

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