degenarino wrote a review about JC's 88 Social in Houston, TX

Caught a player CHEATING nothing done about it

The player cheating had already folded another player is all in for 500. A different player is deciding whether to call or fold on a flop of 776. The player cheating pulls her mask down and mouths to the guy next to her I folded 76. These two players were working together I let the dealer know and two different floor people know and nothing was done about it. I was told by one floor guy that he would keep an eye on her which is bs. At any other poker room on the planet you get kicked out and banned for this type of behavior. If Chan was there I think she would have been kicked out. This happened Sunday 7/18 at 11am table in the back far right corner lady cheating was in the 1 seat the guy she told her hand too was in the two seat. Then what's a joke is at another table two players are arguing and they get told by a floor that they will be kicked out of they keep arguing. So apparently it's okay to cheat here and you won't get kicked out but if you argue with other players you will get kicked out. Great poker room.


Announcements from Johnny Chan's 88 Social

Johnny Chan's 88 Social closed in December 2021. The same property has reopened (on December 28, 2021) under new ownership as 101 Poker Club Richmond. Visit for information and live action at 101 Poker Richmond.

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