emilychase wrote a review about JC's 88 Social in Houston, TX

extremely rude dealer and management is a joke

I never written any bad reviews in my life but I really had to do it this time. We been playing for hrs on a table without bomb pot and suddenly this one particular dealer came in and a player ask if we can do bomb pot. I said I'll do bomb pot if only we run one board. Two boards always chop and waste our time. We are paying for time. Everyone want to do two but me and the other guy said no. Don't get me wrong, I've been letting players do bomb pot with two boards all the time but 85percent of the time it's chopped. Therefore me and the other guys rightfully declined the bomb pot but the dealer continued on dealing. I said hey" excuse me but we objected to it. I thought once one player said no it's over. I was told. Had she said sorry I don't know then I would of let it go and let the bomb pot runs. To my surprise, she turned around and said" why are u such a party pooper " with an attitude! I was in disbelief! She just sat down! So I told her I have the right to refuse bc I'm paying time and she said " so u act like your the only one that is paying time! Just sit there and wait!"This is a dealer saying that to a customer. I wasn't being rude I just wanted to play poker. I told her I was going to call the floor over and she said " go ahead" floor came over and while I was explaining the situation the dealer kept pointing finger and talking like she want to fight me. I'm not kidding. Floor lady just nodded her head and walked away. Didn't even clam the dealer down. At this point I didn't want to play any more and was just too offended and upset how the unprofessional the dealer is, the way she talked and floor lady handled the situation. I felt helpless. I wish there was another action poker room in Houston Beside this one bc it's not right for dealer to talk to anyone like that let alone to customers.

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Johnny Chan's 88 Social closed in December 2021. The same property has reopened (on December 28, 2021) under new ownership as 101 Poker Club Richmond. Visit https://www.pokeratlas.com/poker-room/101-poker-club-richmond-houston for information and live action at 101 Poker Richmond.

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