gunaltx wrote a review about JC's 88 Social in Houston, TX

Short $40

Safe place, most dealers are professional, and friendly staff.

Just had something happened about 6 weeks ago that turned me off this place. I gave one of the floor personal 360 ( which current dealer verified to me later agreeing it was $360) and one other player $200. Floorman wcame back with $520 chips. After going back and forward for a minute, thinking they will find out the exactly what happened from the cameras, and didn’t want to hold the game so accepted $320. Short $40. Could not really concentrated with and ended up with bad session. No excuses played bad.

After 90 minutes of asking the managers they finally looked at the cameras. One manager who I don’t want to say his name, I am sure he had good intentions, had been at his poker room many times in the past, said “it was not clear from the camera”. Going back and forward I was told they would just credit me with time.

I think part of my frustration was knowing what happened a week before. One of the cashiers made a mistake of over paying me $1,000 which I did not realize at the time. Next day, I was approached buy a manager explaining to me what happened.
It didn't take me 2 hours, returned the $1,000 within 10 minutes. No problem.

Still shaking my head, it’s taking me almost 2 hours of going back and forward trying to get $40 short.

Folks, It’s the principle. Writing the review while watching the movie payback by Mel Gibson. LMAO.

I went back one more time wanted to see if they actually returned the $40 via time credit. Nope no, nada.

When I asked the same manager what happened his exact response was this “see why would you accept short $40. I would have never done that “ Now that statement added more frustration. I am like “I was being nice bla bla”
It was unreal. Personally, I'm very disappointed of you man.

It’s a lesson, whenever some place gets very popular they become arrogant.

I ll go back someday.

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Announcements from Johnny Chan's 88 Social

Johnny Chan's 88 Social closed in December 2021. The same property has reopened (on December 28, 2021) under new ownership as 101 Poker Club Richmond. Visit for information and live action at 101 Poker Richmond.

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