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Player9 wrote a review about Jokers Casino in Richland, WA

What’s game integrity?

Played short handed PLO on a week night for a few hours. This was all I could tolerate.

On average, there was a misdeal every 5th hand - mostly as a result of dealer error. The pace of play was VERY slow. The dealers were distracted easily, would look away often or get lost in conversation and needed to be reminded of where the action was.

Dealer changes were the worst as it usually resulted in an extended delay between hands. Half the time they would leave the table unattended for 30 seconds in the change.

Additionally, I witnessed one of the worst verbal harassment tirades that I have ever seen. The dealer allowed this to happen without saying a word. The
player went on for minutes in a seriously personal and downright unnecessary attack after a loss.

The only positive is that the staff were welcoming and most of the regulars were friendly. So friendly, in fact, that a couple at the table were literally grabbing each other under the table - it was awkward.

I never write reviews but felt like I needed to share my experience.

Overall there was a slower than average pace, very little game integrity, and a generally soft but short handed field (several players with less than 50 BBs in an uncapped game that was a min buy-in of 40 BBs).

Proceed with caution or low expectations

Food and Drink

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