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richb wrote a review about Kickapoo Lucky Eagle in Eagle Pass, TX

No Customer Care or Service

Being the only casino in the State of Texas, management here cares less if you had a good experience or not.

Was two hours away from this casino, i called the casino before i started driving there foentheor Sunday tournament. I told them i was going to be cutting it close tonthe start of the tournament, was told that I had until 1:15 @ the end of the first level. I stressed thw point i was driving 2 hours and i wanted to make sure i wouldnt be driving all that way for nothing. Was told i would be fine and to head on up. I arrived at 1:09 to find out that the tournament was sold out and wasnt able to play. Was not happy, after calling the poker room supervisor at home, she authorized a free buffet.

Well, i thought it was at least somethibg after complaining for a half hour. I played cash for a few hours, play was good but it was really weird being the only one at the table that didnt speak Spanish. Decided to take a dinnet and enjoy that seafood buffet... it sooo sucked. Prime rib way overcooked and like leather, crab legs that were so overcooked that the shells were brittle and the meat was dry. Their shrimp and pasta looked good until i found out thet used unpealed shrimp. Who does that? Absolutley the worst casino buffet in the country.

Headed back to the poker room to play for a few more hours, they had pulled my chips and someone else was in my seat. The same people that really didnt care if they helped me earlier, snottily told me that i can only miss two blinds. I said, "i was on dinner break, ya know with the comp your boss gave me" was told that i needed to notify the dealer before taking dinner. (i did) said that i could go on the list and told them i should get the next available seat, snotty lady me no, i needed to go to the bottom of the list.

Cashed out my chips and left. Might be ok if you are driving by and want ro stop in for a few, not worth driving to from ANYWHERE

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