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6 Tables
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ianbtc371 wrote a review about Kings of Cards in Houston, TX

$15 per hand rake

They offer a lot of "promos" because they illegally keep $15 of each pot. They try to say they are changing $10 into time chips but it's still rake. 101 poker in Katy, this place and any others that charge per hand rake need to be shut down immediately. Hope someone reports to the police.

Average stack when I played on weekend was ~$300. Small stakes. $375+ coming off the table every hour due to rake, when other rooms charge $100 per hour in time ($10-$12/hr per player).

Won a pot of $70 which they took $15 from. Left within 15 minutes of sitting. Do not play here.

Promotions and Comps
Food and Drink

Announcements from Kings of Cards Poker Club

open daily @ 5PM

first 7 players receive $50 buyin bonus
refer a new player and receive a $50 bonus

Free food and drinks from your favorite game girl for all cash players!!!
food served @6pm

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