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8 Tables
Mon-Tues: 6pm-2am; Wed-Fri: 6pm-4am;Sat: 2pm-4am; Sun: 2pm-2am

Announcements from KoJack's Poker Club

**New at KoJack's**
You asked you get it. No time charges for tournaments. Only an admin fee.

No Limit Hold'em Bad-Beat Jackpot is $4,253 as of 7/17/2021.
Bad-Beat was hit 06/04/2021 with over $10,100 paid out!!!
AAAJJ Beaten
*Both Hole Cards Must Play!
You Must Be Clocked In!
*4 Players Minimum!
Is valid for Hold'em rounds during Round of Each games only.

KoJack's Summer Mini Series August 9th - August 15
5 Big Events ending with $100,000 Guaranteed Main Event

KoJack's is now an official WPT Steps Venue!
*Monthly Step 2 last Friday of Every Month.

New Tournament schedule @KoJack's.
Monday's - PLO Bounty $150 ($30 admin) $50 Bounties 15,000 Starting chips 6:30 Start.
Tuesday's - $75 NLH ($15 admin) 12,000 starting chips. 6:30pm Start
Wednesday's - NLH Bounty $200 ($35 admin) $50 Bounties 15,000 starting chips (5K early-bird chip). 6:30pm Start.
Thursday's - NLH FreezeOUT $350 ($50 admin) 25,000 starting chips (5k early-bird chip). 6:30pm Start.
Friday's - Round of Each (NLH/PLO High) $200 ($35 admin) 15,000 starting chips (5k early-bird chip). 6:30pm Start.
Saturday's - $120 2x Board Bombpot ($20 admin) 15,000 starting chips. 2:30pm Start.
Sunday's - NLH DeepSTACK $240 ($40 admin) 40,000 starting chips (5k early-bird chip). 2:30pm Start.

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