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Announcements from KoJack's Poker Club

Host Hotel is Four Points Sheraton - discounted rates. Cash Games everyday. Tuesday Freeze-out Tournament at 6:30 pm $100 entry and $100 add-on option with late entry thru level 4. Saturday 2:30 pm Deepstack $200 buy-in w/ unlimited re-entries thru level 4. Sunday 2:30 pm $150 buy-in w/ $50 Bounty unlimited re-entry thru level 4. OTB = On The Button Instead of a small and big blind, the button is the single blind posted and action follows around leaving the button with last action. Players may straddle UTG and around. Big O (Hi/Lo game) played as pot limit and same game as Congress by which you have 5 cards dealt to you and you must play 2 only for high and 2 only. If you like big action this is the game for you. We still offer $1/3,$2/5, and $5/10 games in addition to the $10-25 and $5 OTB games for NLH, PLO & Big O. Come get in this action!

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