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Puntasaurus wrote a review about Legends in Houston, TX

Good volume/Competent dealers

Competition in the 15/30 FL Big O is good.
Some of the 1/3 tables get loud.

I sat at a 1/3 PLO table for crumbs while I waited for the hilo game. The dealers called for a brush probably 15 times during their downs because people are ABSOLUTELY PUNTING and rebuying. You will see 4-way all ins preflop with 500 BBs in the pot.

Mixed games dealers are very competent and they stack pots during hand to efficiently payout players during split pot games.

They were recently, as of this post, matching time if you buy $100 or more. So, promos like that could be better. Maybe they could bring back HH?

Promotions and Comps
Food and Drink

Announcements from Legends Poker Room

⭐️⭐️September 30th ⭐️⭐️
💵💵 $50,000 Giveaway 💵💵
Earn a raffle ticket
for each hour of live action play
August 21st - midnight September 30th.
9 tickets will be drawn throughout
the day on Saturday, Sept 30th.
Those ticket holders sweat
double board bomb pot hands
until one person wins both boards
for $50,000!

Current Bad Beat Jackpots
NLH $14,600
PLO $23,600

6pm - 10pm
complimentary ribeyes
for seated players

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Very plain

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Great Room

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Simply Not Safe

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WinThief wrote a review about Legends in Houston, TX

what the @#$%

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