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EMcKenzie wrote a review about Legends in Houston, TX

STAY AWAY! Illegal rake, nepotism/favoritism, awful service

They illegally rake on top of the hourly fee.

If you're not Vietnamese, you may as well not play here because you're going to get mistreated.

For example:

-I waited FOUR HOURS for a table transfer only to watch new Vietnamese players come in the door and get seated over there or be switched to that table despite the floors repeatedly telling me "you next you next!"

-They have rules posted everywhere about only speaking English at the tables but everyone talks in Vietnamese during every hand and there's never any punishment for it.

-The dealers are egotistical / argumentative, and mechanically poor. Expect lots of misdeals very few hands to actually be dealt out.

Finally, when I got sick of it and left, they tried to give me 1k in 20s and 1k in 50s despite using 100s to buyin because of "house policies."

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beast1996 wrote a review about Legends in Houston, TX


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