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DonMoselysHappy wrote a review about Legends in Houston, TX

Time for an Update

Hello Poker Friends:

Time to update you all on the latest and greatest from Legends:

* They have been advertising a $50K freeroll tourney for their players for months now. No date given and it's been what 6+ months since they posted about this. Doubt they are going to ever run this. Keep this in mind if/when they close without keeping their promise to players and running this tourney and the current owners/management open up somewhere else and want you to play there.

* There is a real threat here now. The games are getting worse and worse and players are looking for an alternative. One of the house players and his wife are now next door at 101 and have taken a lot of the PLO players with them. On day 1 yesterday they had massive action. As word spreads I predict those games will continue to grow and Legends will get slower and slower. Legends is now even charging more to play than next door.

* Security has gotten worse since my last update. They have one lazy guard that sits there and doesn't check anyone when they come in and walk through the scanner. The other guard is in the parking lot and just always talking to the valet guy not paying attention.

* Speaking of the valet guy they continue to cone off every space in front. Pure greed. Let your customers have those spots which are steps from the door. It would be better for players to can the valet and hire another security guard instead.

* Games are hit or miss. In the PLO there are a lot of grinders from other countries that showed up and are total nits. Games are almost unplayable. Worse, the action players have moved to 101 with the old game runner that David cheated.

* David L continues to walk around looking unhappy and yelling at dealers when he is there and isn't there 24/7 like he used to be. Could he be that he is planning is exit? The Houston poker community can only hope so.

* On the good news front no news of any robberies lately.

Stay tuned for your next update which may be that this place has finally shut its doors.

Food and Drink

Announcements from Legends Poker Room

Win a seat to the WSOP MAIN EVENT!
+ each hour of NLH live action earns a point
+ top 45 players in points earned qualify

Hourly High Hand Bonus
6pm - 2am
Spin the wheel to win

Current Bad Beat Jackpots
NLH 10,700
PLO $8000
⭐️DOUBLE NLH jackpot⭐️
5pm - midnight

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