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howulikemenow wrote a review about LKQ in Buford, GA

consenting adults

This is just exactly how it goes, adults who decide to play donate their hard earned money to charity etc we get shut down. Born and raised here in the states and I'm tired of this trivial "misdemeanor " that's what the paper said it was... meanwhile the streets are over run with criminals from 10 and up ,and the last time I heard of a criminal organization being arrested by the hundreds is the Italians. Anyways I always enjoyed it there win , lose or draw!
Great people safe environment I'm one of those guys tired of the hypocritical bs when the same state that buys back lottery tickets gives out " Approved slot machines for "lottery tickets " has the power to do this! Hmmmmm let me think. I'm not here on any political agenda don't get me wrong, just trying to express my indignation over this in a civilized manor and somewhat intelligent manor.
To those who know me I wish to see you guys soon.
May your families be safe and well fed!

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Open Sunday - Thursday 12PM to 2AM, Friday - Saturday 12PM - 3AM. Happy Hour 12PM to 4PM every day.

$500 PLO8 Monster Stack Tournament 6/24 thru 6/26
Freedom Bash II coming July 14th thru July 25th

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