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Aztaurusgoddess wrote a review about Lone Butte in Chandler, AZ

Biased Bachlorette Party

I arrived tonight at Wild Horse Pass Casino for my sister's Bachlorette party. I AM MORTIFIED AT OUR TREATMENT!! I met my niece downstairs to get into the suite, where our event was to be held. We waited for more guests to arrive and took a seat on the bench below the second level behind the valet area. As we waited my niece states "It's sprinkling " ," Is someone spitting on me ?" She stood up and saw a man urinating over the railing and so did three other of our guests and a bystander. As he did so he and his party laughed. Of course we went to notify security the valet area was now empty. So we had to go inside to the front desk for help. As we notified them and waited for security response literally more than 15 minutes elapsed. The security officer walked up and displayed utter disconcern as the perpetrators disappeared into the casino. We decided to proceed to our suite. As nothing, literally nothing was done ! We then were given 2 security complaints for noise. Thereafter security arrived once more and gave another complaint and threatened police presence. At a "Bachlorette Party " go figure ? We came to celebrate and have fun. Instead we had a memorable moment completely destroyed. We gathered our things and exited the parking lot only to be further harassed by the casino security in the parking lot. " Asking is everything alright?" as they shined lights in our face. At that point I left decided this resoundly. NOT EVER WILL I FREQUENT WILD HORSE PASS CASINO!! The individuals that urinated on our party were Caucasian we are African American just to give some perspective. I have never been so mistreated and paid for it. This equated to several hundred $$$$ gone for a ruined 2-3 hour event. A memory forever tarnished. By what seems to be racist behavior to me. How do we get kicked out for music at a Bachlorette party, but you can urinate on us and that's permissible?? NOT IT'S NOT!! Wild Horse Pass you are terrible!! All people should be welcome there you took our money and gave nothing but mistreatment! !

I am so disappointed I will be posting this review every day until I can't anymore so everyone can know. Know apparently black people aren't welcome at Wild Horse Pass but, apparently people who choose to urinate on them are.

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