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The room was very clean and well taken care of. The tables were in good condition and the chairs were fairly comfy. Not really noisy at all.

I ended up sitting at 2 tables - the first was very tight and the second was more loose. Mostly locals at the first table and the play showed.

At the second table, it was much looser - but these folks at least knew when to get out of your way and didn't try to "runner-runner" you. Several guys left over from a long weekend of drinking and misplaying some hands.

Dealers were mostly quick and professional. Not quite as good as the Bellagio dealers, but very good.

Average to slow on the drinks, but I try not to drink too much when I am playing.

Wait lists were managed effectively and they remembered I wanted a table change. They hustled folks in and out and the seats were not cold for more than a hand. Very helpful.

One interesting note: we had a guy who thought he was straight off the WPT come to our table and immediately starting cursing about his luck. Then - we had a dealer change which brought the dealer that had gave him his bad luck. He started berating her for a while and before long the manager was tossing him out. It was a little intense for a short while. I was hoping to avoid a misthrown punch. Overall, I have to commend the manager for not allowing the abuse of his staff and the players at my table were happy to see him go.

Other than drinks and some high hand bonuses - I don't really know. I would love it if they had a poker room rate since I would love to stay here sometime.

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