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  • Mandalay Bay

The room is nicer than most of the mid level rooms on the strip. The high definition tv's mounted on the wall could be bigger and the big screen in the back can best be described as 'fuzzy.'

The room was about 1/3 locals the rest were tourists who for the most part seemed to be casual players. While their play is not particularly tricky, there wasn't much action either.

The dealers were excellent. This might be a benefit of management' insistance on explaining the rules over and over.

I don't drink alcohol or Red Bull so I don't know if they were available. The drinks I ordered cam quickly with no problems. I would give them a 5 in this catergory but they did not serve Fiji water.

The management never seemed happy to help me sign in or sign out for tracking my time.

As explained to me one cannot both earn comp points and receive the poker rate. They have a high hand jackpot which I prefer to the bd beat jackpot but I still consider it a negative.

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