Merit Royal Hotel Casino & Spa formerly Merit Crystal Cove Hotel and Casino

Poker Tables:
30 Tables
Closed (4:00pm - TBD)
Minimum Age:
4:00pm - TBD
4:00pm - TBD
4:00pm - TBD
4:00pm - TBD
4:00pm - TBD
4:00pm - TBD
4:00pm - TBD
Player Groot wrote a review about Merit Royal Hotel in Alsancak

Nice place to be and play poker

I had been there for one week vacation with a group of friends, playing CashGame (2/5 and 5/10) in the evening.

I like that place very much, because of
+ Very good dealers
+ A lot space between the tables
+ Free drinks and free food (small buffet for poker + you can use main buffet at Casino (one floor up) with player card)
+ Drinks include milkshakes, cocktails and Red Bull.
+ Language: only English. Fokus is on international guests, even turkish is not allowed, although national language. A bit hard rule for residence, but good overall for the game I think.
+ Winning player has to stay for at least two hours (in total, not after each winning hand); no hit and run in 15 minutes ;-)

On the downside:
- During offseason and when there is no tournament season, you have only 1-2 tables between Sunday-Wednesday
- During tournament week CashGame starts at 5/10/10BBAnte or higher
- Floor (Management) has very strikt rules and don't have any flexibility for deviation, for example:
- only two friends are allowed to play at one table (three or more friends even not for a short time, till another table will be open)
- player can not choose seat. You have to draw and not allowed to move the next 2 hours

In general:
8 Seats per table (about 30 tables)
game starts (offseason) at 6/7p.m. and lasts till 2-4a.m.
Auto shuffler
play in USD (can buy in USD/EUR/TRY)
non smoking
big hotel and casino
free parking

In my opinion it would be a five star Poker Floor, without the downside points.
If you don't care about the downside bullets (you are High Roller during Season), than it is a five star compared to European or LV-Casinos.
I will come back for sure next year.

Food and Drink

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