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Hugo Stiglitz wrote a review about Midnight Rose in Cripple Creek, CO


I read from a different review that the dealers were sloppy and unprofessional and that statement was a very accurate desription of the conduct of the poker dealers. Feelings actually get attached if a player becomes a winning player that happens to not be a local. Disrespectful mannerism and tones are consistent with the dealers. Attitudes are given when asked about house players. Winning players can expect to see random players to join the session jam and ram for several hands and then leave. The locals get butt hurt and start recording with cell phones at the table. Random people will come up to you and ask questions about where you live and what you do for a living while sitting in the waiting area. Interesting enough that same person is not seen at all at the poker tables and instead explains they are only there because they are waiting for their mother to finish playing the slots. Collusion is apparent but the locals are still beatable. A decent amount of endives are lost due to the dealers lack of attention to detail and disrespectful and biased attitudes toward winning non locals. Furthermore exspect more security patrols in your area of play if your a non local winner and exspect the small village to bring their best in trying to beat you then you can pick out collusion very easily. Every room I played in except the one being described ran the room as he or she who holds the gold get’s their @#$% kissed. In this room you have to be a local and elderly to be treated as a patron at a casino. The only reason it operates in this manner is because it’s the only game running cripple creek. I’m trying to give the readers of this post very important and accurate information if your a winning non local card player. Stay away at all costs and consider playing at Black Hawk as a second option. You won’t regret it.

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