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This is a two-part review of the room/staff as well as the general gamesmanship of the players.
The room is a great place to play if you're in the SWFL area. It has plenty of tables with a great selection of limits. The two limits that always run are 1/2 and 2/5 NLHE. On the nights and weekends it's common to see 5-10 NLHE and 2/5/10 PLO. The room is very tired; in fact, the whole building is super old and tired looking. This place was built mainly for the dog racing and simulcasting years ago and it looks the same as it did then. I can only hope this place gets a a makeover at some point; especially since the inhumane dog-racing is gradually dying out in the USA (as it should be).

The staff is very nice and courteous. I've played 30+ times and have never had an issue with courtesy. The manager of the poker room is very nice and always goes out of her way to smile or say hi to patrons. I like seeing that.

I give the room (not the building) a 8/10 for comfort, staff and selection.

My few major complaints of this place is the buy-in amounts. for 1/2 someone can buy-in for as low as 25bb ($50). I think that is ridiculous and unfair to anyone at the table who buys in with the standard 100bb ($200) stack. Please consider at least $100. Also, I wish they had a water/coffee stand like most rooms do. Coffee is almost the price of Starbucks for sub-par coffee plus you have to tip your runner. It would be so nice to have a coffee stand with water.

The 1/2 players are a mixed-bag. In general, in the mornings you'll find very little action with very, very nitty play style. This is mainly the older folks. The mornings are great if you're into that. If you like more action, go at night (especially Fri/Sat). Anytime before 1:00pm (when the high-hand is over) it's very tough to make money with most of the older players. The style is super nitty and they tend to buy-in with the minimum so even if you do win it's not much.

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