Tristenkw5 wrote a review about Offsuit in Houston, TX

Surprisingly Awesome

The place is tucked away off Washington so I wasn't sure what to expect, but once I got inside I immediately liked the place. I got there around 8:45 and they had a full 1-2 table going. Wait wasn't too long, and in the meantime the waitress came over first thing and asked me if I needed anything. Turned out it was actually connected to the restaurant and bar in the same building, so I could order full meals and drinks from inside the room. I didn't get anything this time but the plates I saw out looked like really good.

The room isn't huge but it never feels crowded. Tables were pretty high quality and seats were about average.

I got a membership for pretty cheap, and the seat fee was reasonable. I stayed on the table for a few hours, a bunch of the other players were really friendly since I was a first timer there which I'm not used to. I never had any issues with the dealers or management, so I can't say much but they seemed solid, nothing shady. They had a bad beat jackpot and some smaller promos that were pretty generous, plus they bought a round of shots for everyone. I don't know how often the do it but it sounded like a regular thing.

I'm definitely gonna make it my regular place, since it's a perfect location for me too. Always bothered me we never had poker in this part of time. Highly recommended.

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Announcements from Offsuit Poker Lounge

Houston's boutique poker room is expanding the fun and action daily!

Monday- MrDrBatman 5/5 PLO meetup game
Tuesday- 1/2 NLH
Wednesday- 1/3 NLH and 1/3 ROE
Thursday- 1/2 NLH
Friday- 1/3 NLH and 1/3 ROE
Saturday/Sunday- Dealers choice!

Drinks, Massages and Action available every day.
Interested in hosting a private game for friends or business marketing? Give us a call and we can make it happen!

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