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  • One-Eyed Jacks @ Sarasota Kennel Club
cttapleague wrote a review about One-Eyed Jacks in Sarasota, FL

Collusion central and terrible management

The last review I left I purposely didn't mention my feelings or suspicions of collusion between dealer's and certain regulars. But now that I read so many reviews stating the same thing, I know I'm not the only one who feels this way. I do play tournaments a lot so I can really mostly speak to that. But pay attention to regular players who make calls with lots of small chips. The dealer will scoop them up quickly and I know on several occasions they were short. But by the time it's all splashed in the pot you can't prove it. Also, even if you say something, the camera is not going to be able to see if there is 18 black chips in that stack instead of 20 when calling a 2,000 raise. When it happens once you say hmmm, maybe just a mistake on the dealers part. But as the dealer chats with the table (or their regulars) and refers to this person by name, you know they know them well enough to know their name. But then this trick happens again and again. Only saving grace is dealers get swapped out every 30 minutes.
It is nice that they go to 9 handed when the tournament get to 36 players but the new brush / tournament moron, lets the next table whos breaking go down to almost nothing until its time to break. The last tournament I was in, my table was down to 6 players with the other 4 tables having 10 each. Our dealer said "six handed" and the brush said "I know, your breaking next". But we kept dealing. We get to pay blinds twice as fast because of the lazy tournament brush. I'm done playing here for a while. Just tired of the poor management and collusion.

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