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  • One-Eyed Jacks @ Sarasota Kennel Club
inmytaxi wrote a review about One-Eyed Jacks in Sarasota, FL

Mediocre poker is better than none

The room is across the street from SRQ airport.

Better, professional rooms are one hour away. Most people who come here are older ladies and gentlemen and don't want to make the drive, or playing for a couple of hours.

The players are decent for the most part and there are usually 1-3 women at the tables.

The rake and jackpot pull is 5+2. Usual dealer tips are only $1, it'd be nice to see this increase.

There is a tournament jackpot promotion (taken out of the prize pool) that has a huge surplus and I am curious what will happen to this (the prize is $80 sat tickets and they have > $10k in surplus .. they really should give this money back to tournament players).

Presently the $2 jackpot drop goes to a high hand promotion that pays ~$500 for quads or better and runs almost always.

If you can read cards this is a great room because they never change them even when they are clearly creased in several spots. This seems strange because the cards seem really cheap.

The players are good old nits. There are more fun players during the late fall to early spring 'season' in Florida. Most people buy in nearer the minimum than the max, so effective stack sizes are low.

The game selection is weak. Summer 2-4 limit, 1-2 and 2-5 no limit and less often 2-5 stud hi all run. During the winter season, 2-4 Omahi Hi Lo runs as well, and the tournaments get into the 100 - 200 player range and are fairly soft.

Off season tournaments are a nit fest and the a.m. tourneys are tiny. Evening tournaments are slightly bettter.

You can't eat food at the table and it isn't any good anyway.

There are always waitresses walking around yelling "food" and "drinks" every ten seconds which is incredibly annoying.

The dealers seem friendly enough, though occasional rulings can be irritating, and warnings are not always given. Once I was put all-in for $120 for the way I tossed in a chip from the bottom of my stack.

The room itself is dirty, but there aren't bugs and the bathroom is decent. Mostly it needs updating. The carpet and chairs are old and cheap. The uphostry needs a steam cleaning. The tables are antique.

And the front window will charge $1 or $2 to get in (you go through the dog track to get upstairs). You can ask for a house card once you are inside that gets you in free if you can show the card.

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Poker Room is open!!!!!

New hours
Sunday closed
Monday - Thursday 10 am - 10 pm
Friday and Saturday 10 am - midnight

All High Hands $300 Monday - Thursday

All High Hands $500
Friday 5-29-20 and Saturday 5-30-20

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kylegay wrote a review about One-Eyed Jacks in Sarasota, FL

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