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  • One-Eyed Jacks @ Sarasota Kennel Club
killerfost23 wrote a review about One-Eyed Jacks in Sarasota, FL

The worst

Couldn't agree more with some of the previous posts about collusion between dealers and players.

I've never run so bad at a poker room as I have here and as someone mentioned previously it should even out over time. I'm far from a world class player and I know people will say just play better but I also see the same people deep in tournaments all the time and no one there is even close to being a world class player.

Quads, straight flushes and better are a normal occurrence at this room which defy all odds strangely. One time I was railing a buddy in a tournament after I was knocked out and I was standing a good distance away to not interfere or give anyone the wrong idea. I was standing there for awhile and no problems at all. This old lady regular actually wins the hand and still asks why I'm there and accuses me of coaching my buddy and the floor person standing there immediately asks me to leave. There was no problem for the longest time until a regular opens their mouth.

The dealers always sit at the table and immediately greet the regulars they know there's always one or two regulars at every table. I'm all for being friendly and the dealers having a personality but as I mentioned I just find it strange how unlucky I get in that room only when I have had decent success at every other room I play at including hard rock and derby lane nearby.

This may sound like total whining but just my 2 cents and feel like something should be looked into at the room.

There's nothing else special about the room is old and kind of run down. I only play tournaments so can't comment on cash games. It's too bad I live 10 mins from this place and it's so convenient. They never have any big tournaments either so it's usually worth the drive to derby or hard rock.

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