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Ernest wrote a review about Palace Poker Casino in Hayward, CA

A great place to play

First, let me say, the neighborhood is a bit sketchy. Park in the city lot down the street (just past the library, enter on Mission between B and C streets). From there, take the free shuttle (when it is not transporting patrons it sits on the first floor of the parking lot, near the front). It is a white Prius with the Palace's logo on the side.

This is a great place to play poker. They have a good 4/8 game with a half kill, as well as your typical 3/6 game. There is a jackpot and the drop is reasonable. The staff rangers from really fantastic to pretty solid, with far more dealers and floors who are great than who are good enough. Since recent remodeling, the decor is nice and the restrooms and clean and nice looking. They also recently revamped their food service, and I have heard only good things (though I have not often eaten there myself, as the prices are a bit high).

What really stands out here, however, is their no limit game. It is usually 1 table beginning in the afternoon and running late at night (I think at times it runs all night, but I'm not sure). It is a 1-2-2, 5-to-go no limit, with an any-position kill (makes it 10 to go) and over-kill (makes it 20 to go). There is $100 minimum buy-in, with typical buys ranging from $100-$5000. Sometimes there is a second (must-move) table, and they do take call-ins for the list. The best part about the no-limit game is that it is pay for time, with all players paying $7 each half hour. The only thing taken out of each pot is $1 for the jackpot, and only if there is a flop.

Also, while he is not their every night, their chip-runner, Ex, is amazing. He will meet you once and remember your name forever. He once saw me leave my coat and held it in his locker, not the lost and found, for 2 weeks until he saw me again. He's possibly the best part of the Palace.

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