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Eric_s2k wrote a review about PDX in Portland, OR

Shady Ownership! Stay AWAY!

Shady Owner! Stay away.

Played in a tournament where the winner won cash plus a voucher for more than ~$500 to their Main Event the EPT Series. Got the voucher which doesn't state that management has the right to void it. The following Friday I went again and Brian F. pulls me aside and tells me in front of everyone in the poker floor that my voucher is not valid. I asked for the reason and he said that they had forgotten to take the $500 out of the prize pool for the voucher. Thus, paying everyone else out more than they should have since it was an inflated prize pool. He said, we admit the mistake but cannot take the loss.

I told him I would email John O. (The OWNER) and he said go ahead cause he is already aware of the situation and that this decision is his. He couldn't even respond to my email himself and told Brian to give me a call. I reached out to the poker community and they told me to go to the Gaming Commission. In Portland, there is none and only a Social Gaming Commission who cannot do anything unless a violation was made. Come to find out, there is a violation as one of the guys who cashed on the same event, wasn't of age.

An owner who admits his employees' mistake yet doesn't want to cover them isn't a place I will give anymore business to.

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