Poker Tables:
11 Tables
Closed (12:00pm - TBD)
Minimum Age:
12:00pm - TBD
3:00pm - TBD
3:00pm - TBD
3:00pm - TBD
3:00pm - TBD
3:00pm - TBD
12:00pm - TBD
eher8069 wrote a review about Peaks in Dallas, TX

great place that will only get bigger

The environment at this place is so joyful and friendly. The dealers, bartender, and owners are really working with passion. The complimentary snacks, energy drinks, sodas, and candy make the 15hr a steal. You are given dinner every single night; a luxury is what this place is. Dealers choice ongoing with a table consensus. The owner and his wife will always salute you as you leave and thank you for your time. Even though it is small right now, the future is bright for peaks. I highly suggest everyone to give this place a shot, you cannot regret it.

Promotions and Comps
Food and Drink
  • Thank you for the kind words! DFW players deserve more amenities and promotions, in our opinion. For this reason, we are offering free club access fees to every new member who joined on or after September 12 for the ENTIRE month of October! The future is bright, particularly for those who have been on the fence about trying the new place in town!

Announcements from Peaks Dallas

Thank you to our most supportive members and staff who joined Peaks at our AA Suite for the Mavs game Sunday. What a fantastic group!

THANKSGIVING: Join us starting at 3p for great holiday action and football. Complimentary Thanksgiving dinner will be served appx. 5pm with plenty of food for everyone!

Free Play Promotion for New Members:
-New Members are those who have joined on or after November 1, 2022
-$15 Monthly Membership or $150 Yearly Membership required
-Valid ID and debit/credit card are required for all Members

November Special Pricing for Existing Members:
-$11 hourly Club Access Fee for all Members who joined before November 1, 2022
-Pricing valid for every hour of operation in November!

Industry Pricing for all DFW Clubs
-$5 hourly Club Access Fee for all industry members
-Full access to all the free snacks and refreshments, free catered dinner, and $2 beer, $3 wine, $4-5 liquors

Recent Peaks Reviews

mella wrote a review about Peaks in Dallas, TX

Very nice card room!

Top notch card room with extras. Looking forward to my next visit. ... Read More

  • Thank you, mella!

    We pride ourselves in our amenities, finishes, and environment overall. There are many out there...

z231 wrote a review about Peaks in Dallas, TX

Great Room

This has quickly become my favorite poker room. Great people, clean environment, good chairs, affordable drinks,... Read More

  • We have an idea who might have underpinned this "intensely friendly" comment and we couldn't be more proud of this...

jimbeaux wrote a review about Peaks in Dallas, TX

Warm vibe

Big fan of the room and staff time is a little more expensive than the standard but for the free snacks cheap drinks... Read More

poltad wrote a review about Peaks in Dallas, TX

Looks Amazing

Just opened but this is what a poker room should be. Casual yet elegant feel, beautifully designed, natural light,... Read More

  • We are very happy to have you as a member, Poltad! We are building a fantastic membership base and couldn't be more...

Jlev wrote a review about Peaks in Dallas, TX

Cleanest and safest place in DFW

I really enjoyed playing recently at this room. It's by far the best location and feels the safest out of all the... Read More

  • Jlev,

    Thank you for the great review! We pride ourselves on being a leading private social club in Dallas. Peaks is...

jampar wrote a review about Peaks in Dallas, TX

Fake Reviews

All these reviews so far are fake and from employees/investors/partners. This place is more of a social club instead... Read More

  • jampar,
    I am very sorry you feel this way about our family owned business, which does not have any investors or...

TFishJ5 wrote a review about Peaks in Dallas, TX

peaks cardhouse

This place is a very efficient and innovative room in Dallas. It has lots of options other than just cards and has a... Read More