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9:00am - 3:00am
9:00am - 3:00am
9:00am - 3:00am
9:00am - 3:00am
All Day
All Day
alpha1243 wrote a review about Pensacola Greyhound in Pensacola, FL

Staff Doesn't Give A $*@#!

I played poker at Pensacola Greyhound Track on the day they opened in January 2010. They had cheap tables. Manager said they were not going to put money into this place until they moved locations. The move never got approved and they still have the same old tables as well as the original chip set which still says “Greyhound Track” although Florida got rid of greyhound racing in 2019. They’re all worn and chipped. I only play once or twice a year there now.

The staff is terrible. I assume they’re the rejects that couldn’t find jobs in Biloxi or Ebro. Dealers talk during the hands to other staff members or players like they’re dealing a home game. They don’t follow the action and are the definition of lackadaisical at their jobs. The desk always seems surprised when you walk up, like they’re perplexed at what you might possibly want. Scroll down the reviews and you’ll read similar complaints about the staff.

This property, and their sister location in Gretna, are dying. They struggle to get 2 tables running most mornings and rarely have a busy room. The board lists two types of $1/$2 games, one with a $200 max buy-in and another with a $400 max. There are never any $400 max tables running. They prefer their players to buy in for as little as possible, rebuy when needed, and spend all day sitting there getting raked. At one time they had the highest rake in the state.

Promotions are a joke as most of the money goes into a bad beat jackpot. Are they even putting 100% of the $2 promotional drop into player promotions? I think they were investigated in the past. Just a poor excuse for a poker room. Play at your own risk.

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