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archimede22 wrote a review about Playground Poker in Kahnawake, QC

Some good, some bad, but overall great

GOOD: Dealers and staff are some of the best to be had in a poker room.

BAD: Since they restarted the tourneys post-Covid, the structures are simply aweful, even the series main event is decent at best.

GOOD: Except for the standard players attitude you get from any decent poker room, it's a great poker experience with a nice atmosphere.

BAD: The rake is pretty terrible (tourneys and cash), with a 10% max 10$ on 1/2 and 5% max 16$ (!!!) on 2/5 🤯

GOOD: To counter a bit my last point, great food and all drinks are free on all cashgame table.

BAD: No cellphone rule enfored whatsoever. So players can easily use solver, texte friend at the table in order to collude, etc.

INSANE: The badbeat jackpot!! For the second in maybe two years (max) they beat the world record for biggest bbj ever, now being over 2.5 millions (CAD, which is about 1.9 mil USD)

BAD: There's bad players all iver the place, don't get me wrong, but compare to a regular casino for exemple, there's not really any fish. Even the bad players now mostly know what they are doing.

OVERALL: One of the best place to play poker, probably in the world.

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