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brandon207 wrote a review about Poker House in Dallas, TX

Use cash when buying hours to avoid "customer service" fee

Played at TCH a dozen times and here twice. There's pros and cons to both rooms. The room here is cleaner and the bathrooms are better/cleaner and larger than TCH. However the overall feel of professionalism is better at TCH. Heard numerous F-bombs and other horrific comments coming from dealers, mainly ones playing the game while not at work. Left a different taste in my mouth, for sure. Parking is sketchy; it's behind the building and a decent walk. What got me a little bit was the customer service fee of nearly $4 when using my debit (not credit) card to buy time. Why? So if I pay cash I don't have to pay the customer service fee? Never had a fee of any kind buying time in Texas.

Both times cashing out the cage had difficulty counting chips which is fine if they are nice about it. First time the girl was nice and the second girl looked so far gone and wasn't approachable. After counting my change outside on the walk to my car (don't do that here btw) I noticed she was $5 short. If I wasn't hastily trying to leave then I would have caught it before she gave me the green light to grab them. So, my fault I guess.

Security got a little to close when his metal detector went off and he went to grabbing my pocket. Never asked, just grabbed my pocket and said "keys?". That was awkward and to some it would have gone in a direction that no one would want.

Overall, it's decent. If there were more professionalism on the bottom end (all floor personal seemed great) all around I'd probably give the full 5 stars and make this an exclusive stop. But we are miles away from that at this time.

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  • Brandon,

    Poker House would like to thank you for leaving your honest feedback! We appreciate the opportunity to get better! We pride ourselves in offering players many amenities including a shuttle service from our parking lot to the front door. Unfortunately during your visit today we had a maintenance issue, we sincerely apologize for this inconvenience. We take security very seriously at the Poker House. Our security team has already changed tactics to not grab pockets, items are to be pulled from pockets by customers only. Lastly we are a cash discount business, you receive a discount for paying in cash. We really try to provide our customers with the best possible experience at the best rate we can. We have recently reduced the hourly fee for bulk hours to prove that! Again, thank you for giving us the opportunity to earn your business, we appreciate the opportunity to be better with every review. We hope we have done enough to earn your business again!

Announcements from Poker House of Dallas


[b]To our Poker House players.
We’ve confirmed that tonight will in fact be our last night of operation at this location. Poker House Dallas has created many wonderful memories & relationships that our team will continue to cherish; we thank you all for joining us on our journey to establish the Cheers of poker rooms. While Poker House is not affiliated with the Burleson location, we do look forward to sharing our soon-to-be-announced new DFW location, further reestablishing everyone’s favorite home away from home!
All outstanding cash chips must be returned before Friday, June 9th, as they’ll be discontinued and no longer redeemable after that date. Players who Pre-paid player hours will be refunded at $8 per hour. The club will be open for cash-outs and returns using the following schedule:
June 1st & 2nd, and June 5th-9th, from 12pm-8pm.

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