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11 Tables
Open Now (11:00am - TBD)
Minimum Age:
11:00am - TBD
11:00am - TBD
11:00am - TBD
11:00am - TBD
11:00am - TBD
11:00am - TBD
11:00am - TBD
Tdub850 wrote a review about Poker House Peaks in Dallas, TX

home of the $130 is shuffle!

It's enough players to go around I wish these clubs would stop bitting of each other and work into their own style and advantages... y'all know shuffle 130 buyin and structure can be beat out in dfw
.. c-Mon. I willing to check you guys out, again but don't go bitting off my club who welcomed me with open arms when y'all deserted me.. but hey will see y'all soon..

  • Tdub850,

    We at Poker House are so excited to be back in Dallas and operating the card room at Peaks!

    You are correct in that each club in Dallas has its own style and advantage. Peaks prides itself on being the most approachable, comfortable, well-designed (perhaps we're biased!), and in the safest area of the Design District!

    In bringing back our most popular tournaments to DFW, we wanted to be cognizant of the fact that many local players recently found some of Shuffle 214's tournaments to be a better option than TCH. We purposefully gave consideration to Shuffle 214's scheduling and worked around their most popular days. Our goal is to provide the most options for local players, NOT to try and lure people away from competitors. Most importantly, please note that we don't charge fees on re-entries, equating to huge savings for our participants! Those that come to Peaks absolutely love the room and you can expect the same fantastic Poker House experience you know, now that we are running the room!

Announcements from Poker House Peaks

🎉Poker House vibe is BACK🎉
Now operating inside of Peaks Dallas!

The Poker House you've come to love is now back in Dallas and looking to make a splash.
Stay tuned for updates we are bringing back daily tournaments, promotions and member specials.


1 hour $13
5 hours $55
10 hours $100

Tuesdays : Eric's Game Final Table

Thursdays 7-11PM : OFC's $5/5 $1,500 (MTS)

Fridays 11AM - 3PM : Not Mark's $1/2 Round of Each (Hold 'em and PLO) $1,000 MTS (50% MTS)

Fridays 7-11PM : Benji's $5/10 $1,000-5,000 (MAX)

Sundays 7-11PM : Hayden's $2/5 Round of Each (Hold 'em and PLO) $1,000 (MTS)

Along with our daily games be sure to check out these action-packed games!
Mondays 7pm : Benji's $5/10 NLH (no straddles) $1,000-3,000 (MAX)

Tuesdays 7pm : Benji's $5/10 NLH $1,000-5,000 (MAX)

Fridays 11AM : Not Mark's $1/2 Round of Each (Hold 'em and PLO) $500-1,000 MTS (50% MTS)

Peaks is the only private social club in Dallas with ping-pong, foosball, shuffleboard, card games, board game

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DubKing wrote a review about Poker House Peaks in Dallas, TX


Manager made the claim "he called clock on you" on the river when I snap raised. The player he said called clock on... Read More

  • DubKing,

    We appreciated getting to know you the few times you were in last year. It is always a pleasure to talk...