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12 Tables
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JoeHambone wrote a review about Poker Rooms of Texas in Plano, TX

Great alternative to Oklahoma

My go to place when I don't want to travel all the way to Oklahoma. Always a great experience whether I come out winning or losing.

Competition- A lot of the players will give you plenty of action no matter the stakes. Raise sizes can get relatively large with multiple callers to the flop. Overall the 1/2 games are very soft.

Promos & Comps- pretty much non-existent. Only get a shirt or hat if you hit quads or better. Would be cool if there was a bad beat promo like the card houses in Austin.

Dealers- Most of them are very energetic and competent dealers that make very few mistakes. There are a few "older dealers that take forever and just talk with some of players while dealing very slowly. I normally wouldn't complain but when you're paying an hourly rate and stuck and can be frustrating.

Food and Drink- no hot food but plenty of snacks and fruit with fully stocked fridges of water and soda. Can't complain about free.

Management- great management and always welcoming. They make an effort to remember your name once you become a regular and trust me you will once you try this place out.

Promotions and Comps
Food and Drink

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