Poker Tables:
8 Tables
Open Now (9:00am - 1:40am)
Minimum Age:
9:00am - 1:40am
9:00am - 1:40am
9:00am - 1:40am
9:00am - 1:40am
9:00am - 1:40am
9:00am - 1:40am
9:00am - 1:40am
JG1983 wrote a review about Prairie Meadows in Altoona, IA

2017 Review

Its almost 2017. Update for Prairie Meadows is as follows:

Was 4 out of 5 stars until consolidating and moving downstairs on the main floor. Now, it is your standard, run of the mill poker room. 2 out of 5 just because on the occasional night the room is full and good games to be had. If that did not occur sporadically I would go down to 1 out of 5 stars. Since moving down to the main floor, there is nothing that would make this poker room stand out, other than that occasional 8 table full night.

Tournaments are also a 2 out of 5. They do not offer full seating of their poker room for tournaments and cap the entry. Also, blind structure is NOT standard. The 2 stars out of a possible 5 come from re-buy/add-on bonuses, but other than that, nothing special about their tournaments. They could benefit from adding more tournaments with this theory on the days they do not schedule tournaments, and use their 3 days they do offer tournaments and max the field out and use the benefit of add-ons AND re-buys BOTH.

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