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Poker Tables:
2 Tables
Sun-Fri: 9am-close; Sat: 8am-close
  • Red Hawk Casino

I've been to most of the rooms around Sacramento, but like Red Hawk the best. There were more games at Stones and Thunder Valley, but the players were WAY too serious - too many people with sunglasses, headphones and hooded sweatshirts acting like it was the World Series. As quiet as a library. I have a good time playing at Red Hawk, even when I'm losing, and for me that's what it's all about.

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Announcements from Red Hawk Casino

+Hot Poker Spot
Betting Limits: $1 - $5
Payout Structure:
•Royal Flush • 1,000 for 1
•Straight Flush • 200 for 1
•Four of a Kind • 100 for 1
•Full House • 25 for 1
•Flush • 15 for 1
•Straight • 10 for 1

+Progressive Bad Beat Jackpot
•Aces full of Faces (Jacks, Queens, or Kings) or better, beaten by Quads or better
•Losing hand wins 50% of prize pool
•Winning hand wins 25% of prize pool
•All players who were dealt into the hand share remaining 25% of prize pool
Both hole cards must play, no more than two Aces on the board, Quads must have pocket pair, Hand must go to showdown

+Progressive Royal Flush Jackpot
•Four total progressive jackpots, one for each suit
•Maximum $500 payout

+$100 Aces Cracked Payout
•Monday - Thursday • 12pm - 4pm & 10pm - 2am
•Friday • 12pm - 4pm

+$50 Shipwrecked Payout (Monday-Thursday)
•$50 Bonus for a Full House that gets beat

+$50 Quad Payout (Monday-Thursday)
•Any Four of a Kind Wins $50

+$75 Straight Flush Payout (Monday-Thursday)
•$75 Bonus for a Straight Flush

+$100 High Hand Bonuses (Friday-Sunday)
•Paid at 11am, 2pm, 5pm, 8pm, 11pm, and 2am (following day)

$400 Guarantee 1st place- All Scheduled Tournaments

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