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pokeratlasglows wrote a review about Resorts World in Las Vegas, NV

Needs improvement or room will fail

First off this is a nice room with good dealers for the most part but there are areas which need improvement.

Who had the bright idea not to put this on Bravo? Most players in Vegas don't even know about Poker Atlas.

You need a dedicated person to work the registration desk, too often there are multiple people involved at the desk which is sub-optimal since they aren't aware of what is going on in the room. Too often seats are open and it takes too long for players to get seated.

TV's are too small. The best area for TV viewing is in the tournament area, so move the cash games over to that area.

Self Serve beverage area not maintained, soda is always flat tasting and coffee/tea machine is out of order 50% of the time.

Chairs are nice but really too big for the tables to seat NINE players. Eight players is OK if there aren't any walkers but action in the games suffers when seats are empty. Games should be nine-handed.

Switch to KEM poker cards, current cards don't slide well on the felt.

Limited venues where you can use comps, nobody in the room really knows how the comp system works or when points expire.

Too many floor people, not enough dealers. Lists become long since there are no available dealers to start games. If you don't have enough dealers, move to nine handed so you can handle more players.

There needs to be better signage in the main casino as to where the poker room is located since you are really in a bad location to draw walk by traffic.

Food and Drink
  • PAB,
    Thank you for your honest review and comment about the dealers being good. I will do my best to address your concerns.
    Poker Atlas - the decision to use Poker Atlas was determined based on the functionality and their ability to work with operators to innovate the system for what is most seamless for players moving forward. We understand this is not the standard for Vegas but believe it is the better system long term.
    List desk - Thank you for noting this, this will be reiterated to the staff. Although this is the goal, there are times where this person leaves to assist guests in another way. But rest assured this is the plan.
    Tv's - Completely agree on the size being inadequate, this will be addressed as soon as we get a CAPX release.
    Self serve station - The station is to far from the main distribution area, we are in the process of getting an independent system that can distribute the soda properly. On the coffee side (lame excuse but true) the vendor cannot source the parts quickly, not available, supply chain.
    Chairs - Are what they are, they will not change for the time being.
    Cards/felt - Working with the vendor to get a better more poker friendly layout, currently testing 2 alternative options.
    Comps - All food venues can accept comps, your points never expire. If there is any uncertainty, please ask for the shift manager on duty and they will assist you with the transaction.
    Dealers - ALL floor people can deal and we will make every accommodation to start any game that is ready to go, i believe any long list is short lived or is an isolated incident that is corrected as soon as possible.
    Signage - Agreed, less than there can be. We get one sign, this is not our choice.

    Thank you for your time and feedback, I promise this will be taken into consideration moving forward. We look forward to your return and future feedback.

Announcements from Resorts World Las Vegas


-Free parking with rewards card. Most convenient parking for poker will be located at Hilton Hotel Parking on Resorts World Dr. The Poker room is located near the West side of the gaming area, closest to the Hilton Tower.

-Daily tournaments: $200 NLH 5K GTD at 12:05 and $200 NLH 5K GTD Nightcap at 7:05pm.

-Rake on $4/8, $6/12, $8/16 Mix is 5%, $5-MAX
-Rake on $2/5 NL and $1/2 PLO is $1 at 10,30,50,80 and last one at $120

-Comp rate for poker is $1.50 / hour. Check your comp balance on the Poker Atlas App.

-Tableside food now available from most outlets (business hours vary)

-Poker player room rate will be 30% off rack rate Sun-Thu, 20% off rack rate on Fri-Sat. Please call 833.930.3888 to book, average 6 hours of cash poker play per room night. These room rates are based on hotel availability. For full details please see poker staff

-Poker VLOGS
-Absolute Nuts
-Mariano Grandoli
-Andrew Neeme
-Brad Owen

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