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FoldsToBluffs wrote a review about River Cree Casino in Spruce Grove, AB

Only saving grace is the play

The dealers are decent enough when they pay attention, but they clearly are not treated very well by the casino. Most dealers look exhausted all the time. Only one of them very regularly flips players' cards while dealing, but he's also blowing the buttons out on his shirt so conscientiousness is low on his list. The play is the saving grace for this spot. There's plenty of action in the room.

The first big issue is the poker room managers, who regularly yell at, berate or disrespect the dealers or other employees in front of customers. The managers will even speak disrespectfully to players. The managers also do not hold players accountable to the room rules. So many people are on phones and laptops watching movies etc that gameplay speed is slow af.

The second problem is that the wait staff can disappear for hours at a time. This makes players leave the table short-handed when they have to get up to find other ways to refresh. The tournaments generally don't get a large enough player pool to pay out the entire final table, paying between 3 and 7 players. It may benefit from an increase to $150 for the minimum tournament to draw more interest. The Comps are non-existent. You have to play 40 hours in a month to get anything at all, and it must be used by the following month's end. Why even bother to swipe your card? I like the spot because it's close to home and I find it hard to lose, but the casino could do much better to attract clientele.

Food and Drink

Announcements from River Cree Casino

Hello Poker community, our High Limit Bad Beat went on May 17th for $57,163 and was shared by 8 people at the table. Quad threes were beat by a Straight Flush to the 8. The River Cree has seeded our next bad beat to 50K to show our appreciation for your continued patronage and we look forward to seeing you at the tables.
Summer is almost upon us and we are still offering the best cash games in the city. Have breakfast on us in the early morning if you are seated at a live cash game during extended weekend hours. Our room NOW offers 14 Brand New tables with phone chargers, a dedicated bar, dedicated enclosed smoke room, and a dedicated Poker Team. We are focused on providing the best cash play in the city. Please note a change we have made to dinner markers, we will only be issuing dinner markers to players that have had 2 hours of consecutive play during their session. These are timed on Poker Atlas so please check with the Housman on shift. The Poker Team has decided to not offer any more PLO games in our room, please check Poker Atlas menu for the games we do offer. We have launched our Poker Vault and ballots are earned for timed play at any of our cash game tables and the next draw is on Friday May 31st @ 8:00PM. Stay tuned for another exciting cash promotion we will be starting tentatively on June 1st.

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