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HarveyBirdman wrote a review about Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh, PA

Liked the room but clean up!

Stopped in at Rivers in Pittsburgh. Mixed bag here.

Look, the poker and casino staff was great. Absolutely no complaints there.

Players there - a pretty good mix of levels so you're going to enjoy the experience of playing and not get run over.

Here's my big gripe. The place was NOT well-maintained. Beer, water bottles and junk all over the place. I hope this night was the exception to the rule but I've been a ton of poker rooms and this one needs to have the maintenance staff kick it up a notch. Ran out of soap in the john too - that's not good.

Could use some good comps too. I know there's not a lot of competition right now but you still have to take care of your room and customers. There are other places in driving range.

Fix some of this stuff that should be easy to do and Rivers will definitely move up the charts. Right now - mixed bag for me.

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