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9 Tables
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PkrComps wrote a review about Riverside Resort in Laughlin, NV

Mixed crowds, lively action

This room is definitely a Laughlin staple, even during downturn in economy. Plenty of retirees still play poker, and the Riverside gets their share.

Like it's competitors, it offers 2-6 spreadlimit, and some with Kill. Omaha also seems popular here (usually 1 game going weekdays). I like that there is only ONE $2 blind (same at CBelle), unless that's changed. AVI has 1+2 small and BB, and CB (2/4 game only).
Harrah's is more similar to Calif poker (3/6) with sm/BB.

For recreational players, there is a decent mix here.

AM tourney definitely a 'crapshoot', but for $18 you won't go broke trying (just don't rebuy), however, if you make it past first hour, then the 'add-on' might be worth buying.

Like others, they have their own AA cracked promo (red aces especially pay off big, if cracked, and you're the FIRST player to have them beat during specific times of the day). $300 bonus or $150, depending on the promotional time/season.

As stated in other review, during fball, other promos taking place, so check the Riverside website before visiting, or my other favorite source for Poker Promotion news in laughlin at:

And similar to my other reviews, seems like Daytime/weekend day players are different style vs looser/drunker evening / nighttime players. NL games can get ugly (I once saw security had to break up a fight) on a busy weekend night.

They do have badbeats, and if you plan to play throughout the week, you can qualify in many different ways for freeroll tournaments (used to be on Sunday/Tues/Thurs evenings, schedule may have changed). Win any promotional hand (AA cracked, 4K or higher) will qualify you; If you re-qualify, you earn extra 'chips' for the tournament. Club flushes used to qualify as well as KK cracked - check with the poker dealers/mgr before you start playing, and/or read the sidewall posted promotional details - they are all public, but you need to do your research, to take advantage of the various promotions they offer.

I've HEARD that they now offer $1/hourly comps. It used to be $5 max per any one 'session' of play, so I hope that's true.
There used to be a special food menu in the poker room you could order from, that may have changed if the new comp policy is unlimited (similar to AVI $1.50/hourly, no limit!) or CB (1.25/hourl).

While I find this room (non-smoking, but smoking allowed just outside the entrance) a little more aged than AVI or CB, and the chips definitely need changing, it is still a fun poker room to play in.

They offer some bounty NL tournaments, varies on different nights of the week. Check again, the Poker Counter for details.

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