Announcements from Rounders Card Club

$200,000 GTD Summer Sizzler starts Wednesday August 4th. 10 Flights to play, Day 2 is Sunday Aug 8th at 2pm. $300 Buy In, 30,000 Chips. 30 Minute Levels. Re entries allowed. $40,000 GTD 1st Place!! Check Poker Atlas for all the Flight times and Details!

7pm $5,000 GTD Triple Treat FREEROLL

$5,000 GTD Freezeout. $110 Buy In. 30K Chips. No Re Buys. 20 Minute Levels.

6:30pm $1,000 GTD FREEROLL PLO (Pot Limit Omaha). $25 Club Access. w/$20 Re Buys

8:00pm $1,000 GTD BIG Bounty. $110 Buy In (Includes $50 Bounty). 1 Re Buy $100 ($50+$50 Bounty). No Add On

7:00pm $10,000 GTD FREEROLL! 12K Chips. Re Buy up to 3 times when at 12K or Less.

2:00pm 10 SEATS GTD FREEROLL Satellite to the $200,000 GTD Summer Sizzler! 10 $300 Seats plus $100 Cash will be awarded, total of $4,000 GTD. More seats will be awarded for every $400 in the Prize Pool.
$20 Re Buys, Re Buy up to 3 Times when at 12k or less Chips.

6:00pm $2,000 GTD Freezeout. $110 Buy In. 30k Chips

8:00pm $1,000 GTD FREEROLL

2pm $8,000 GTD Deep Freeze! $190 Buy In. 30K Chips. No Re Buys or Add On. No Antes. Late Reg. 5:20pm

6pm $1,000 GTD FREEROLL w/$20 Re Buys

6:00pm $20,000 GTD Big 50! $160 Buy In, 60,000 Chips. 1 Re Buy $125. No Add On. 20 Minute Levels

All Tournaments include Staff Appreciation.

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